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Hi, I’m Shelby I live in Chandler, Arizona with my mountain biking husband of 8 years, two little ones, and a crazy dog named Clyde. I am addicted to AJ’s blackberry jasmine green ice tea, and I love to watch old episodes of Grey’s Anatomy. My guilty pleasure is listening to the Spice Girls because it reminds me of the good ole’ days.

In middle school, I had the opportunity of traveling to Europe, and on that trip, I brought a film camera and loved documenting all the unforgettable details. From being the high school choir historian to documenting my children’s lives, I have always had an eye and passion for photography. I didn’t become serious about pursuing a career in it until my creativity in my interior design job was limited. I knew that I was meant for more and in an effort to learn and grow I went all in with a photography workshop that has not only given me the skills to pursue my dreams but nurtured me with a community of other photographers that support and guide me whenever I need them.

I believe in kids being kids and lovers being lovers, allowing each session to pan out naturally and as unposed as possible and always striving to capture each person’s personality and love for each other. If that sounds like your jam, we will be a great fit!


Based in Chandler, AZ

Serving the east valley and Phoenix area year round